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Canoe Arctic Inc.
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Canoe Arctic Inc.

On March 2, 2019, after an 11 month battle with cancer, Alex Hall passed away peacefully at home in Fort Smith, NWT. Before Alex passed away, he handed the reins of Canoe Arctic Inc. to fellow northerner Dan Wong and his company: Jackpine Paddle. For 2020 and beyond, Jackpine Paddle will proudly carry on the legacy of Canoe Arctic Inc. on the Thelon River and its major tributaries.

Interested in a trip of a lifetime to the Canadian Arctic? Learn more at: www.jackpinepaddle.com

Testimonial from client Mark Fiegl, who has taken separate trips with both Alex & Dan:
"Alex's legacy and wilderness canoeing in that part of the Barren Lands is in good hands with Dan. In many ways the trip felt very similar to Alex’s trip. Similar pace, and of course the same routes, campsites, canoes, schedule and flights from Fort Smith. All very well organized and smooth. It was a privilege to paddle with Dan as well, and I hope that I (and all of us) get to paddle with him for many years to come."

We operate fly-in canoe trips in the Barren Lands (mainland tundra) of the Northwest Territories in Canada's Arctic. We invite you to paddle with us on the most remote rivers left in the world, deep in the heart of North America's last great wilderness. Explore the Thelon River and other pristine, wild, tundra rivers east of Great Slave Lake that are hundreds of miles from the nearest road or community. Photograph muskoxen, caribou, white wolves (our specialty), moose and grizzlies. Warm, dry, sun-drenched summers; gin-clear rivers; green tundra hills blanketed with tiny wildflowers; huge spruce-studded eskers; some of the best sand beaches on the planet; birds everywhere; virgin fishing.

All of our canoeing expeditions (8-12 days) are guided by Alex Hall, wildlife biologist and the Canadian Arctic's first and most experienced canoeing guide. Most people join our trips as singles or in pairs. Maximum number per trip is ten, including Alex, in five canoes. Because our canoe trips vary from flat-water routes to whitewater rivers, we can accommodate all levels of canoeing experience. On average, 30% of our clients each summer have taken canoe trips with us before. Established in 1974, Canoe Arctic Inc. was the first adventure travel/ecotourism business to operate in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

For full details on Canoe Arctic Inc. and the Barren Lands, a map of the region, and information on the wildlife, fishing and archaeological sites encountered on our canoe trips, please see our 25-page brochure by clicking on the "Brochure" button in the menu on the left.

Your Guide

Alex Hall is a wolf biologist with over 40 years of experience in guiding canoe trips in the Canadian Arctic. As the founder of Canoe Arctic Inc., he has guided hundreds of canoe trips in the Barren Lands, a roadless, arctic-tundra wilderness that is twice the size of Alberta or Texas. Alex has paddled more miles in the Barren Lands of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut than any other person. Regardless of your level of canoeing experience, the magic of the largest wilderness left in North America is yours to discover with Alex as your guide.

We invite you to contact Alex to discuss anything connected with the canoe trips outlined under the "Trips" button in the menu on the left. Alex can be reached day or night at (867) 872-2308 or by email: alex@canoearctic.com

Your guide, Alex Hall, with his son Evan on a large sandy esker, Central Barren Lands.

What Our Clients Say

Alex, that trip was the most remarkable thing our family has ever done...Experiencing our wonderful North under your confident and gentle guidance will forever be a memorable family highlight. Thank you for sharing your paradise. What a privilege!
Martha Hoyt, Toronto, ON

Once again, you have taken my daughter Lucy and me on the trip of a lifetime. So now on two trips for two lifetimes...It is truly a magical part of the world, and we deeply appreciate your taking us there and back.
Mike Meyer, Nahant, MA

Thank you for the fantastic trip on the Thelon. Your organization, expertise and care for the welfare and safety of your clients is exceptional and greatly appreciated.
Scott Cram, Pequot Lakes, MN

Alex, we loved the trip and can't wait to go again. The whole experience was better than we hoped for and we hoped for a lot...We are thinking of you and the great country. It is in our bones and we miss it. Wow!
Fred & Joyce Sparling, Pittsboro, NC

The beauty of that pristine country cannot even be imagined by those who have never been there...We will always remember our trip with you as one of the most important events in our lives.
Bob Benjamin, Minneapolis, MN

Thanks to Canoe Arctic, I have personally experienced the most evocative and the last truly wild places our world has to offer. Go see them while you still can. As a former guide myself, I appreciate the careful preparation that Alex Hall puts into every trip, as well as his life-long knowledge of seemingly every riffle, eddy, artifact and wolf den along the way. Very few people know the canoeable Arctic like Alex, and it will make a great tale just to tell your grandchildren that you experienced it with him.
Monte Hummel, President Emeritus, World Wildlife Fund Canada

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